how to change staff instrument in Musescore3

• May 17, 2019 - 00:29

how to change staff instrument in Musescore3 ( That is transpoze from melody written for piano to a different instrument like Bb, without changing notes played by Musecore piano)?


This probably is not straight forward. If you want a Clarinet for example, it can't play several notes at once and the range of the piano is far more than a clarinet (hence 2 staves on a piano and 1 on the clarinet).

Keeping that in mind, you can change instruments by right clicking a staff, choose staff/part properties, click "Change instruments", select the new instrument and click OK. This will change both staves to the new instrument. The only way to separate the staves into different instruments would be to add a new instrument (press i for instruments) then copy and paste the notes from the piano to the new instrument. Both of these methods will automatically transpose the notes so the new instrument will know what notes to play (as long as the concert pitch button is not pressed).

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