Is it possible to write Pipe Band drumming in MDL?

• May 18, 2019 - 02:13

I'm new to Musescore, so if I'm simply missing an option that I need to change, pardon me please, but I would like to write music for my pipes and drums band (Scottish-style snare drumming), which is usually written using one line, with notes below indicating the right hand, and notes above indicating the left. I cannot seem to find this option in any of the menus, as it only appears to allow you to write ON the line, which I am not familiar with. If this is not already a feature that I'm simply overlooking, would it be possible to incorporate that into the next update? It certainly seems simple enough. Thanks.


Hello, and welcome! You can customize the way drum notes are entered and displayed using the "Edit drumset" buttton on the drum palette. See the Handbook under "Drum notation" for more info.

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