need documantation about chords & arpeggios

• May 18, 2019 - 10:38

hi guys, i dont know how to say but, maybe someone can help me.. i play reed flute. and ı want to play my improvision on piano arpeggios or chords but ı dont know how to do it, ı dont even know what piano chords are or how it is done... so is there any SIMPLE but very SIMPLE documents about that or (ready to use chords or appeggios scores on )??


The most simple chords are simply the first, third and fifth note of the scale. This can be any scale. These are most commonly the major and minor modes, but can actually start on any note of the scale you like for even more variety. I think any further information would add complications you probably don't want right now. In the future you might look online for references on harmony that will explain chords in more detail.

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