accessing "scores window" is odd

• May 18, 2019 - 22:02

Hi, about a week or so I switched from 2.0 to 2.1. The feature I am about to describe has worked fine until yesterday. When I hit "File" and "Open", so that I can select a piece to open, it used to open a window that was small enough (and could be moved about to see behind it) that I could see my MuseScore page behind it to refer to it. But yesterday it suddenly seemed to be taking a page from Explorer: This new page takes up the whole screen, blocking out Muse, and even has a chunk of Explorer in a fat column on the left (Libraries, Documents, the whole family tree down to Scores). And the page only has an "X", not the minus sign that allows one to shrink it and easily access what is behind it. How can I get that convenient, smaller window back?


This new page takes up the whole screen...
How can I get that convenient, smaller window back?

You should be able to re-size the window by dragging its edges (cursor will change to a double headed arrow) to make it smaller and reveal the underlying MuseScore..
If you can't locate an edge of the window, drag the title bar (says 'Load Score') of the window down, then grab the top edge with the mouse.


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Well, that didn't work. It did make the arrow at the edge, but would not "grab hold" of it. The problem did get solved partway, though, by a visiting friend who just started poking around and fixed it but has no idea how. It is only partway, though, because although now the window is smaller, back to the size I want, I have two files of pieces that are contained within "Scores" and I used to be able to just click on them to access them and, when I was finished, it showed me a menu for Muse that had what is in Muse, including the file for just plain "Scores" and the files that contained the special pieces. So, to get back to "all scores", I could just hit "scores" and it would bring up that whole listing. Now I have to leave Muse entirely and try to remember what the &^& pathway was from the "C" part of the computer through 6 or 8 steps to get to Muse and finally reach the choice of "scores". Wotta pain!

about a week or so I switched from 2.0 to 2.1

Why not all the way up to 2.3.2? You're missing out on hundreds of bugfixes.

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