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• May 20, 2019 - 01:20

I am trying to change instrument from piano to electric bass and following the instructions but nothing changes.


following the instructions

Right click the staff
Choose staff/part properties
Click Instrument Change
Select instrument and click OK?

I cannot find any facility for trumpets in any pitch other than Bb. Many classical pieces are written for trumpets in a variety of keys such as A, C, D, E, Eb or F, typically (but not universally) with no key signature.

I can change the description which appears on the page under stave/part properties, But it doesn't change the pitch. Also, if I use the 'Change instrument' facility under 'Text', it appears to be narrative only. If I change from, say, D trumpet to C trumpet part way through (not uncommon) I can't change the instrument description from that point on. It changes all staves.

Having said that, I have a curious situation where I did a 'Change instrument' From D to Bb, and the narrative changed (for the second stave of 2) to Bb, leaving the top stave in D, and it remains in Bb to the end of the score, despite its description (stave/properties) still saying it's in D, and the subsequent changhe back to D. I attach an abrieviated copy of the score in question. Mozart Requiem keys.mscz I can't replicate this in a 'test' score'

At this point, I am not interested as to how it sounds on play-back, just the visual presentation.

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There is a Text palette that includes a text that says "Change Instr." Enter this text where you want to change instruments, right click the text and choose Change Instrument... and use the search to find the correct trumpet. You can then double click the "Change Instr." text so it matches what is in the score, or make it invisible (select it and press V) if the only indication is in the instrument name at the start of the staff.

There is currently still a limitation that you cannot change the instrument name displayed at the start of a system, so you will be stuck with something like D Trp. when you change instruments. I believe this will be fixed in a few months.

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