Crescendo to subito piano, is it possible in Musescore 3?

• May 20, 2019 - 05:13

So I have come across an area in The Nutcracker Suite that I am transcribing for piano duet where there is a creschendo to subito piano. If you don't know what that means, it basically means that you creschendo as usual for a creschendo to forte or some other louder dynamic but immediately following the creschendo you play quietly.

Now, in the measures before that, there is a creschendo and diminuendo back to piano. I know how to do that. I would put in a dynamic at the end of the creschendo and start the diminuendo at that dynamic marking and then I would make the dynamic marking invisible to make it look like a normal swell. I have done this before and it works.

But the creschendo to subito piano I have no idea as to whether or not it is possible. However, I have an idea as to how I would do it. I would put in the creschendo as usual, then add a dynamic marking louder than piano(so for example, forte) at the end of the creschendo, make that dynamic marking invisible, and then put in the piano dynamic at the note after the creschendo, possibly adding the text subito to the staves.

Here is the link to the score that I am transcribing. You will find the swell and the creschendo to subito piano on page 6 of the score:…

And here is my transcription up to the creschendo to forte that is on page 6 of the linked pdf:

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You need to decide how much of a crescendo you want and put that into the velocity change field in the inspector. The crescendo will be played, then the dynamic after the crescendo will take effect on the next note.

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