About changing the color on a staff

• May 21, 2019 - 08:32

Hi everyone,

I have a score with 2 staves, one for flute, the other one for violin.
Is it possible to change the color of the score on the violin staff only ?
I would like to put it on light grey instead black ?

Thanks a lot !


If you right click the staff and choose staff/part properties you will see a black rectangle next to Staff line color: You can click this and change the lines to any color you like.

Individual elements have a similar option in the inspector (F8). Right click an item and use Select>All similar items in the same staff and you can change the color every barline for example at once.

The HTML# at the bottom to the right of center in the color selector dialog is the color number. So if you want the barlines the same color as the staff lines, copy the number from the staff lines dialog and paste it into the barlines dialog.

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Those should be fixed in version 3.1 when it gets released next week.

It seems you have turned some of the items invisible. If you don't want to see invisible items (BTW they won't print) then use the View menu and remove the check from show invisible.

Then again you asked how to make things gray, so maybe you just changed their colors.

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