Possible notation for repeating a note value all trough a measure?

• May 21, 2019 - 21:58

Hi. I was wondering if there is some form of notation for repeating a note value througout an entire bar.

In my case, my first bar is a full bar of Bb eight notes followed by a full bar of Ab eight notes, is there some form of notation that says "play this note and note value for the rest of the measure"? I believe i have seen it before but I cannot think of the name or what it might look like, or i might just be imagening tings.

Thanks in Advance :)


You can insert a note that is the length of the measure and add a tremolo 8th note through the stem to note. This tells the musician to play the note as successive 8th notes. Not all musicians understand this notation. Most classical musicians will understand it.

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