problem occured. Wrong translation by non native.

• May 24, 2019 - 06:59

I am a Japanese translator of MuseScore. About nine years ago.
Recently, software translation trouble occurred in Japanese language team. Over 800 strings have been rewritten by non-natives who do not understand Japanese well. It is a fatal condition.

I have two questions.
1. Can I restore my translation to the previous state? (Early May?)
2. Can you prevent these mistranslations from being published?


I believe the answer is no to both questions, esp. to the first.

But as far as I know and we have been told, all translations have been fixed meanwhile, by @NOIKE and @kazuma yamamoto and probably others.

And for 3.1RC the Japanese translations updates had not been included, as a counter measure.
They will be included in 3.1 final, early next week

Another counter measure might be to have some translators getting 'Reviewer' status and mark strings as reviewed, this prevents them from getting changed by any non-reviewer.

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There is no problem if Japanese users can get the correct translation.
I feel great and sad about the Japanese team's contributions. There must have been multiple overwrites.
I've spent a lot of time translating more than half of the words in software. I'm just one of the mediocre contributors, but I regret not being able to keep my achievements.
I hope MuseScore will become more popular.

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