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• May 24, 2019 - 15:59

I've created 500+ scores for a hymn tune book someone else is compiling. The page size is the default A4. Now I have a request to resize the pages to 8.50" (H) x 6.0" (W). That change is found under Format > Page Settings which offers "Custom" as a page size: just enter the measurements.
However, applying the new size crops the view of the score in the document window. After reading the manual and online posts I cannot discover how to do what other software would call "fit window". What is the method please? How can I be certain that the resized scores are 8.50 x 6.0 ?

Attached snapshot of a template shows the problem.

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MuseScore will not automatically shrink the score to the new page size, you must do it automatically by changing the scaling in the Page settings. As you are aware, there is a preview of the first few pages and this will allow you to adjust the setting to a reasonable number without have to click OK and reopen the dialog repeatedly.

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I had tried altering the scaling before posting the request. The score becomes unfeasibly small. OK; insert Breaks to get a suitable number of bars per lines (stave) and keep the scale at a sensible level. But the Header is not affected by the score scaling. The Composer information which is right-justified is still cropped.

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I'm intrigued as to how you tweaked the page to bring more of the score into view. A factor I have to keep in mind is that the team compiling the tune book have to insert lyrics (usually several verses) in each score. This will often cause overflow to a second page (expected and acceptable). So I have to make scores as robust and predictable as possible. I don't know how the team intend to send the scores to the printers, but my guess is that they will have to export PDFs, as you say.

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Having taken account of the right margin width error (below) and adjusted the page scaling I saved the custom Style again with the name unchanged. On opening another file I reapplied the Style and the new settings took effect. So this will be the way to shrink the existing files to the required smaller size.

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