Style window problems.

• May 25, 2019 - 16:02

Using google to translate

The OS used is Windows 10 Home 64bit, and the version used is MuseScore
If you open a style from a tool and try to resize the style's window vertically, that style's window will disappear and you will not be able to continue working with it.
You will not be able to exit the software.
Restarting the computer itself or initializing the muse score software did not solve the problem.
I tried it in beta version 3.1, but the same thing happened.
You can change the horizontal size without any problems. You can also use everything except the size of the style window.
If the size of the window can not be changed, the Apply button and the OK button can not be pressed.
I can not assert that this is a bug, but I do not know the cause at all and it would be helpful if you could respond. Thank you in advance.

This sounds like what Sideways S fixed already, and I just realized the OP tried the beta. I have directed him to the RC. I'll report back after he tests the RC. It may be a false alarm.

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