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• May 25, 2019 - 20:30

Hello, Musescorers!

I've been working on an arragement of Hyrule Castle Indoors (I made a post in here a while ago about the soundfont not working right, but I fixed that), but I was using the MuseScore 2 GeneralUser Soundfont. The organ sounds on that were very limited and I had to improvise by mixing with other instruments using both the default and GeneralUser Soundfont. Does anyone have any suggestions for Soundfonts that don't require downloading MIDI plugins?

Any help is welcom

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    (Here is the score for reference)
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This may be an awful thing to say in this context, but "pipe organ" is not one sound, MuseScore notwithstanding, but thousands of different kinds of sounds, and no two (pipe) organs are the same. Even to use "organ sound fonts", a basic familiarity with the structure, function, and sounds of organs will be necessary. It's well conceivable you could attain "good enough" for this pop-music work just by experimenting around, but to truly come close to given organ sounds, this knowledge is necessary. It is my guess that the person in this YouTube is not a classical organist and has little familiarity with the Organ (abstract) his or herself. I may be very wrong.

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Yeah organs are pretty complex. My soundfont is just a distant approximation of one, sampled from a few various virtual organ simulators.
It's not going to give you anywhere near a 100% realistic sound, but it should be close enough to be useable.
I tuned mine to be GM compatible so it'll work with MidiPlayer and DosBox, I wasn't aiming for a real sound, just more of a higher quality version of the sound a Roland SC-8850 makes.

Speaking as a classical organist (and for other such here), simulating different organ registrations with flutes-and-stuff as you've done is often the best solution (e.g., ). For real performance of organ repertoire, however, virtual pipe organ systems (vpo) are needed. But what you have, organ-like sounds in a pop/modern texture, is neither of those cases, and there certainly are "organ soundfonts" out there (e.g., ) which are a credible compromise and might meet your needs.

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download the soundfont, (KOR Soundfont - GM Complete) save it to the soundfont folder that's configured in the preferences, (default is under documents\musescore\soundfonts)
Then open musescore, click on view, choose synthesizer, add the soundfont to the list.
Then you click on view, go to mixer, and choose the instrument presets for the assigned instrument channels

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