A score does not playback correctly?

• May 26, 2019 - 02:23

On Japanese Forum,I coukd not get answers to settle my problem.
So,I wont to ask on this Forum,in spite of my poor English.

Not playbacks from .2 to Segno(16th) bar. It skips to Coda.
Musical score is attached and please comment if you find out my mistake ,
or how to adjust the score.
My OS is Windows7 64bit, Score written by MusicScore Ver3
Any comment will be appreciated and


In reply to by hikaruhasu

Neither MuseScore nor I know what you expect. You have a D.S. al coda in the second of 3 voltas. This doesn't make any sense.

In general, you cannot put a jump (D.S... or to Coda or segno) under a volta. It doesn't make sense and confuses MuseScore. The results will very likely not be what you want.

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