Editing Voltas/Text Positioning

• May 27, 2019 - 01:40

I'm creating a snare part with multiple repeats and sticking laid out for it, but I want the repeats to all be one sided brackets that stretch for one bar, I have accomplished that but it won't allow me to change the order of the repeats. Also, it won't let me put the sticking (text) beneath the measures which I would like to do. Let me know any solutions that you have to help me out with this.

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Looks like you've used one long text element with embedded spaces sticking. Not a good idea, that spacing is only good for this exact font, this exact page size, etc. Much better to enter each on its own note, then its guaranteed to survive changes to layout. While editing text, press Alt+Right to move to the next note. Or, if using fingering - which I'd recommend - you can press Sapce.

But anyhow, to flip text or other elements between above and below, just press "X".

Not sure what you mean about changing the order of the repeats - what specifically are you trying to accomplish, how are you trying to do it, and what goes wrong when you try?

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