Create a new Lyric Style based on an existing one

• May 30, 2019 - 07:07

Hi all, I would love to be able to simply create a "Refrain" text style that inherits all the settings for Lyrics odd verse but is in italics. (Without losing the existing Lyrics odd verse style).

I'm sure should be possible, but I'm just starting to learn MuseScore, and haven't discovered this one yet or been able to discover a clue in the PDF or handbook. Would really appreciate a pointer!

Thanks, Chris


Version 3 has a limited ability to apply user styles, and you can't apply user defined styles to lyrics.

To work around this limitation, you must select the measures containing the refrain, right click a lyric and choose Select>All similar elements in selection. You can then change all of the selected lyric styles at once. If you add a lyric after this, you will need to fix the lyric. The good thing is that lyrics in the verses will continue to follow the lyric style as you enter them.

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