Translating 'Getting Started' to Danish

• Jun 3, 2019 - 16:32


I'm translating from English to Danish.
I noticed the current Danish translation of the 'Getting Started' score was inadequate.
So I translated a new version. Uploaded the score to + mailed as recommended in the explanatory text to text item # 3681 (””) the explanatory text on the right states:
” To make a translation of the Getting Started score, download the MuseScore file from , translate all the text inside the actual score, upload the resulting mscz file to your own MuseScore account, and drop us a message at Being able to provide a localised Getting Started score, makes a huge difference for young starters! Let's make the world more musical :)

The folks at replied that I should post this on the forum instead.

So that's what I'm doing now. File attached.

Maybe the explanatory text should be updated?

Best regards
Lars Lyngby

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Ciao larslyngby, thanks for the collaboration, the only doubt is if it is still relevant for the 3X version.
But you probably will get a better answer here.

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Jes Wagner already translated 'Getting Started'. I did the translation because the 'Getting Started' document loaded in the Danish version of MuseScore 3.1 was in English. Not Danish.

This seems to be an error.
Shouldn't the original (2.x) translation by Jes Wagner load in the Danish version?

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