Part name change does not get saved

• Jun 4, 2019 - 23:48

Open File->Parts. Change the name of a Part. Close. The main score name tag does not have an asterisk. Close the file. The Part name change is not saved. If you Save it regardless of the absence of the asterisk, the name change is saved. It is a simple oversight not to mark the score name tag with an asterisk. Before realising this, I was deleting the Part and re-creating the Part as New. Re-creating the Part shows an asterisk on the score name tag. Probably the file is not marked as "dirty", so the Part name change does not request you to Save the score before you close it, either.


And the name change does not show up on the part tab until the score has been changed and re-opened. Until I read yoichi123's post, I just assumed that renaming a part didn't work as it had no apparent effect. To effect a change I have been deleting the part with the unwanted name and re-creating it with a new name.

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