Removing the 128th note, 64th note, 3 dots, 4 dots and two extra practically never used whole notes from default advanced display.

• Jun 8, 2019 - 01:33

I understand you can customize the palette.
But there is little reason to have a 128th note, a 64th note, 3 dots, 4 dots and those two extra whole notes as the default display on the advanced setting.
They are so rarely used as to be almost comical (I have over 3,000 composition and have never used any of those buttons once)

Can we replace those default buttons with repeat signs, maybe a 1st and second ending, and swing notation?

Or something agreed upon by the community.

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I use the double-whole-note frequently. Although typical of older music, it is used even in 19th century music.

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Ok well that whole note maybe we can keep (if it is commonly used -- I don't know) I should have researched it. But the three dots. The four dots. And the 64th and 128th notes are not going to be used frequently by the vast majority of people.
And since it is the default palette, simply the most popular items (the ones used the most frequently) should be the default.
At least thats my opinion.
And repeat signs, first and second endings, and swing notation are going to be much higher on the list

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Create a custom workspace and edit the toolbars to your liking. The advanced space is meant to be more that sufficient for most users so you can trim it down and still get all the functionality of the items in it. For example, if the 3 dots weren't defined they would be impossible for people who need them.

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