Some musescore improvements maybe

• Jun 8, 2019 - 13:12

Hi, I use MuseScore a tiny bit for entering Guitar Tabs to document my guitar finger technique exercises which are mostly arpeggios for jazz accompanyment (Bossa whatever). For music note entry I prefer Band In A Box and what I was trying to do as explained below really highlights why I prefer BIAB.

I was trying to use AnthemScore (a transcribe assistance software that figures out the notes for you from .wav/mp3 files) along with its export to MuseScore to transcribe my jazz guitar solo for capturing good motifs for writings songs or repeat use in improvising. I found that the slight inaccuracies in my timing made using Musescore impractical since the notation is far too complex and dragging a note to a new horizontal timing position with auto adjust of the timing notation is not possible. "Band In A Box" can do this. Specifically I can (click and drag) the note to the horizontal position I want as well as the (click and drag) the note to the vertical pitch position I want with it sounding the note as I do it. I attached two images of the "Band In A Box" (BIAB) notation screens used for this. I marked them up to explain them a bit. The Staff roll notation mode is very useful. I just started using it to adjust the note duration. To bad they do not have it set up so I can drag the duration of the note (always room for improvement). I am wondering if Sibelius can do it. I just did a google images search "images of Sibelius staff roll mode" and it does not seem to have it. If that is in fact true it is very unfortunate. It is such and amazing feature.

I suggested the BIAB people keep a record of the emails of people who send in bug reports, dumps, feature requests, etc so they can be notified when these program changes are made. It is a form of marketing idea. I would love to get an email if this feature was put in otherwise I would have to put a record in my reminder database to remind me to ask once a year (probably won't do that and probably will assume the feature is not in).


So what did I decide to do in the end? I used the AnthemScore basic screen (the wave form screen) where the notes show on the wave form. The beat markers are pretty accurate for record lifting and for our jams with BIAB count in I can make the beat markers dead on. So I just use this helpful screen to figure out the notes or chords and I enter the notes directly into BIAB. I suppose I could in some cases enter the notes directly in MuseScore but I use BIAB heavily already for my Jazz Jams Club activities so I may as well have the notes in BIAB where I can play them against the built in backing Tracks feature of BIAB.


This is probably not exactly what you are looking for but perhaps you could find a Piano Roll Editor feature useful for you. You can find it in a staff right-click menu (right-click → "Piano Roll Editor"). It doesn't probably do exactly what you mean but its bottom panel allows you to adjust some notes playback properties like length, velocity or starting time.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks Dmitrio, I checked it out. You are correct. It isn't exactly what I describe. I don't think what I describe is all that easy to program. Even Band In A Box has issues. Specifically entering triplets against styles like Bossa which are even 8ths and 16ths. They have no way to actually do it other than set the style to a swing style, enter the triplets, print the sheet and interpret the notes manually when sight reading (you can't play back the notes and hear it correctly). Band In A box also only handles 3/4 and 4/4 times properly. Twice I have had to create 6/8 time BIAB backing tracks using 3/4 time. No doubt getting everything in one program is very difficult.

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