Auto placement really wants rehearsal mark above the tempo marking. I don't

• Jun 11, 2019 - 14:05

When putting a tempo marking in the score, i'm trying to put it above the rehearsal mark, but even when there should be enough space to do so, the rehearsal mark gets put on top of it.
See the pictures.
I place the tempo marking (1)
Move it up a bit with the cursor to make sure there is enough room (2)
Move it left above the rehearsal mark, the mark jumps above it (3)
Now i have to manually move the rehearsal mark down (4)

This is not a big issue, but i wonder if there is a possibility to make musescore keep the rehearsal mark where it is when putting the tempo marking above it.

PS: I really like the auto placement functionality by the way, especially in 3.1

EDIT: I've been playing around a bit, it seems like there is a fixed top to bottom order in which musescore puts all the markings, I've put a few in attachment 5. Is there a way to influence this order somewhere?

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This is correct according to the standard rules of music engraving as expressed in the standard references on the subject and actual usage in published scores. In normal use you'd be better off having the rehearsal mark before the tempo marking, though, moving one left and/or the other right as necessary. The tempo marking in your example really shouldn't be moved away from the first note of the piece; leaving it alone is more correct. But if you do have some special need to place it in a non-standard location, you can press "=" or use the Inspector or Alt+drag to disable autoplace for it.

More generally, the order is indeed fixed, again, according to standard rules of music notation. Although I note many of the elements you show in your example are just staff text, and there the rule is first come, first served - it's not like we always put "open" above "arco". Anyhow, we may someday provide overrides.

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Thanks for your reply. Out of curiosity, where can I find these standard references you speak of?
In looking online it seems to me that the more classical sheet music attaches it to the note, which you call 'more correct', but most music i use (lead sheets to more modern music and worship songs specifically) seem to treat the tempo marking as more of a global marking and put it at the very top left, aligned with the first barline.
as in this example…

I don't want to start an agument over what is correct though. It is just what i like to use as i think of the tempo more as a global marking you put at the very top left of the page for reference in stead of being part of the sheet music itself

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Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars" is the definitive modern reference, you can can find it on Amazon or probably in most university music libraries. It's true that jazz/pop music often does things a bit different, which is why we make it easy to override the default - one extra keypress per score to disable autoplace on the initial tempo marking is not much of hardship.

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