Repeat Ending Text

• Jun 11, 2019 - 22:47

I want to put a text like “x 2, x 4, etc.” for the repeating set of measures.

On the image I attached I put that text “x 2” manually. (Check out at the end of the first line, the text "x 2")

I want it will be placed automatically there. (According to the position and the size of the measure always at the most right of the measure on which it's created)

How will be the settings? (I want to set User-2 slot of Staff Text for that purpose)

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Repeat Ending Text.PNG 38.47 KB


It's not currently possible to reliably force staff text to display over the barline. The only text type that can currently do that is repeat text (right). So you could consider adding a "DC" or "Fine" or similar text, then disabling the playback effect in the Inspector.

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