Different rhythm in 2nd verse of song

• Jun 17, 2019 - 14:09

I am inputting a song which has a slightly different rhythm in the first verse from the others. I have worked out how to use Voices and small noteheads, so that the score shows the second rhythm in the same bar as the first, but in smaller notes, However I can't work out how to make the text of the second and third verses, follow the Voice 2 notation as it should. Anyone know if there is a way of doing this so that all 3 verses can be written under each other? Or is there another way of inputting the alternative rhythm?


For the lyrics that are in voice 2, you have 2 choices on how to proceed. The actual rhythms may affect which method you use.

Method one, when enter lyrics initially, skip all voice 2 words (just press space until you move to the next voice 1 note). After this, select the first voice 2 note press ctrl+l. then return until the cursor is in the position of the correct verse. Enter your words for the voice 2 notes. If one measure has some voice 2 notes, then 3 measures later you have more, pressing space will jump all the way to the next note, no matter where it is.

Method two, When you come to a voice 2 note, enter the word as though the notes were in voice 1. Use ctrl+space to add spaces and ctrl+- to add a - if needed. There is no way to put a word and melisma on the same note to simulate words in voice 2 needing an melisma ( _ character).

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In that case, Ctrl+L, space, Enter/Return, type.
Or Ctrl+L, type, Esc; Then change verse number for the lyric using the inspector.

Visually dragging it to look like verse 2 while it technically still is verse 1 might bite you in the long run (for example when styling even/odd lines)

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I would consider your option 3 a bad idea. Keep words in their correct lyric so later changes don't make it more complicated. For example, if you decide you want to change the lyric font size, mine will still look right, method 3 will require more manual adjustments. Also, your eye is not as precise as the MuseScore algorithm for lining up lyrics.

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