"Fixed" Chord List

• Jun 20, 2019 - 13:50

I write sheet music designed for electronic instruments with auto accompaniment, which only support a certain number of chords, and when I'm writing the name of the chord, I'd like for it to be "standardized" (e.g. so that if I type "maj7," "M7," or "Maj7," it always changes to "M7," or if I write a chord as "C+" or "Caug," it reverts to "Caug" every time). I can't find a ton of info on writing these chord .xml files - are any tutorials available that I may have missed? Or should I be trying to do something else besides writing .xml?



The XML file is indeed the way, but it's not officially documented / supported. Basically, you need to add "name" tags. Check out the "cchords" files in the MuseScore style folder for examples - all the "chord" elements with "name" tags. You should be able to skip the id & render stuff, so just


I think that does it, haven't tried it lately.

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