Slurs not being interpreted with new MuseScore 3 update

• Jun 22, 2019 - 16:55

When I "reset" the properties of scores created in previous versions of MuseScore 3, the newest one is not recognizing/playing back the slurs as originally written.

My input method was in Normal mode and CTRL + "s" to create the slur.

how can I get the new version to recognize the slurs without having to redo all of them?


Slurs have never played back (except maybe for a very subtle effect on some instuments). But I guess you really meant to use ties instead, connecting adjacent notes of the same pitch, where as slurs connect multiple notes of arbitrary pitches. They look pretty similar (but not 100% identical). Ties do play back and do so ever since.
In the attached I replaced every slur that most probably was meant to be a tie by such a tie.

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