Musescore with Audacity

• Jun 22, 2019 - 20:32

I use both programs, but isolated from eachother. Any ideas on how to use them in tandem? For example, I am starting to add VST plugins to my audacity. They are simple to install directly. I see no support here for VST. Any other ideas for using the two programs in coordination would be welcome.


I use both programs, but isolated from each other.

Audacity is an audio recorder/editor, MuseScore is a music notation writer/editor.
You can export audio (wav or mp3) files from MuseScore, open in Audacity and 'sound shift' your music.

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I'm wondering what else can be done?

I'm no mind reader, so - with your MuseScore music now opened in Audacity:

you can add 'white noise' - if that's what you want.
you can add narration (speech) - if that's what you want.
you can locate any 'zero crossovers' and make seamless loops (i.e., with no audible artifacts) - if that's what you want.
you can manually modify the waveform of an instrument (e.g., by adding harmonics) to create a new sound - if that's what you want.
you can equalize... yada, yada.

I have a little exemple. I used a play back for singing on it and in this play back something was not present as how I want, it' was only a measure with 3 times of bass drum and the fourth with a cymbal crash. I haven't a drummer free, so, I open a "new score" in MuseScore, I write my little measure, I export in MP3, take it in audacity, under my play back, move it where I want, change the tempo, to be synchro, and .......all is OK

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Fantastic sound!
Im a musescore novice and I'm looking for a way to balance a string quintet.... the cello sound is unclear and weak (its by Botticelli who was a cellist, so he would be disappointed !)

I will try the audacity route , thanks for the idea. Your results are excellent

Though I guess maybe there are extra sound fonts to adjust the sound in muse score?

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Thanks. The miracle in that piece is not the mixing, but the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ system, but the mixing (straightforwardly, no special effects or adjustment) with the MS sound has produced something that transcends even that.

You can also export one staff at a time from notation software and import into Audacity, one instrument at a time. Then you can work on individual tracks to tweak EQ, reverb, compression....a whole host of things. Daunting for a large score, to be sure. I add live vocals or instruments, sometimes.

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