MDL Playback has Missing Notes

• Jun 24, 2019 - 01:25

Whenever I edit one of the notes for the MDL instruments in my score and change it to a custom velocity, the playback the all of the MDL instruments, especially the drumline instruments, is not correct. Before I upgraded to Musescore 3.1, the custom velocities of the changed notes played back as they should. Now, a lot of the notes are almost inaudible after I change to a custom velocity. It is very annoying, as I like to use the playback feature of Musescore to create my scores.

How to replicate:
1: Open score and edit a note in "MDL Snare Line" instrument that doesn't have an accent.
2: The note should already be set to have a custom velocity. Change it to default velocity, then back to custom.
3: Click the play button to start playback. The playback throughout the whole score for any of the MDL instruments should not sound correct, and some of the notes should be soft while others are playing at the desired velocity.

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