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• Jun 24, 2019 - 18:35

With some trepidation, I decided to begin using MS3+ from now on. The first two movements of my Symphony 3. are on MS2+ but I wanted the last 2 movements to go ahead and be in MS3. I set up my movement 3. (Scherzo) score in MS 3, and already have an oddity happening with Format, Page Settings. in MS 2.3.8 (I think) The format is fine for the first two movements. It's set at width 11 inches and Height 14.83 inches. There is no change needed for the last 2 movements,as no instruments added or subtracted. . The height settings is still OK in MS3, but the width is off. 11 inches is not wide enough. the pages are squeezed together, overlapping a bit, etc. so strange. I did widen the width to 13 inches, but that's not as well balanced with the height width then. I don't understand this. (I was just working with the number of measure MS 3 came up with when I did the new score set up.)

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It seems to me that the best thing is to let MuseScore 3.1 and newer versions do the work for you.
Use the default settings, enter the music and then adjust the page size and scaling.
Then as you know you can attach the score here and someone will take a look.

Edit: Default page settings

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Your problem is that you set the page margins at 0. You should set the left and right margins to .39 in. This will keep the pages from running into each other.

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Hi Mike, Yes,I think that's it. I will try the margins setting. They must have been set OK already on the MS 2+ scores, but not yet set on MS3. It was the images on my screen that kept ruknning into each othere. I 'm not going to do any printng or anything at this point.

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