Marching Drum Line Extension

• Jun 25, 2019 - 20:49

I am currently using version 3.1 of Musescore and I have been having problems with the audio of the drum line. First off the snare drums seem to have a constant change in volume from note to note making a sort of weird and annoying waving sound ignoring my accent markings. These waving sounds are not the human variation I'm talking about, it's some sort of glitch. Second, the drums from MDL will skip over notes at random. It will play them in time, but some notes are completely lost and not played when doing a playback of the music. I was hoping others could let me know if they are experiencing the same problems, or if it's something on my side. I haven't updated to musescore 3.2 yet, but I'm not sure if it'll fix the problem. Thank you in advance!

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