Layout issues - word spacing and rests

• Jun 26, 2019 - 02:32

I imported a midi file and added lyrics. At some point, one of the systems pushed out the fourth measure, resulting in a single measure on a second page. In addition, there are scattered rests that I am unable to remove for some reason. Is it possible to get this cleanly onto a single page? Thanks.


For a single page:
1. Select measures 5 through 8.
2. Use the shortcut { (left curly bracket) (Mac: Ctrl+Alt+8); or from the menu bar, select Format→Stretch→Decrease Layout Stretch.

To get rid of the extraneous rests you can select them and press V to toggle invisibility.
See 'Visible' here:

BUT... The reason for all the extraneous rests is that you should re-think what voices you use.

(Also, measure 4 has more than 4 beats in it. Probably needs correction.)

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