CPU usage?

• Jun 27, 2019 - 04:28

Just curious.
I see references to MS causing hi cpu usage, and something needing to be done so that MS will run on older computers.
I'm not made of money. I'm almost 70 (argh). I work two jobs. My wife works three. Sometimes we wonder where the rent money will come from. BUT. In this day and age tech is king (for better or worse).
I run MuseScore on my kick-around laptop. Five years old, slower i5 cpu, 8 gb ram. Works great. The only thing I've done to it is when the HDD gave out, I put an SSD in it. When MS is playing a large score, this rig is using about 6% cpu, 40% ram, 0 disc. The ram is because Chrome and other stuff is open. Everything works just fine. Yes, everyone's computers are different. Everyone takes care (or not) of their computers differently.
If you're using MS, or anything, on XP with 2 to 4 gigs of ram (I know you're out there), congratulations on keeping that thing running this long. You may be afraid of W10 (all the right clic functions are the same). Learning something new helps keep your brain going.
My desktop is much more powerful. That's because as parts of it go wrong I can replace/upgrade as needed. It's not brain surgery. No one wants to have to buy a new computer. But they are a fact of life. Yes we just want to turn them on and have them work. Should be human right.
Just a note on SSD's. The solid state drive I put in my laptop was one of the most beautiful things. Boots to the desktop in 15 seconds. Restarts in less than 30 seconds. How often do you do either of those and can go out for coffee before your computer is ready? Windows updates do not slow down the computer. The list goes on.
Not saying I'm right. Only what is working for me.

Anyway, just some thoughts.


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