Fix UX of automated updates

• Jun 28, 2019 - 16:38

When I open Musescore it finds new updates and asks me if I want to install them. This is good.

But if I close Musescore while it downloads then it doesn't update and when I next open Musescore it redownloads the installer.
If I don't close Musescore before the setup starts then the setup fails and when I next open Musescore it redownloads the installer.

1) Close Musescore automatically when the setup phase begins (this is most important change)
2) Save the installer to one consistent folder and reuse it if it exists rather than redownloading it every time


Also, if you could keep the same icon on my Windows taskbar rather than me having to delete and repin the app that would be a bonus

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Another (relatively minor) issue with the installer is its interaction with Windows Defender. The installation process begins - checking space requirements, selecting directories, accepting the terms, etc. THEN Windows Defender interrupts to ask for the user's permission to perform the installation, after which the whole process begins again. It's not that it's really annoying, but it is time consuming.

This may be unique to my installation, but as it happens on both my 64 and 32-bit machines, I suspect that it is more a Windows issue.

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