A little synthesizer help

• Jul 3, 2019 - 02:57

I admit it. My knowledge of effects is pretty much limited to what I can plug into my guitar amp. An not much of that. No compression, no limiter. The switch that punches in the reverb and the knob that controls the amount. Distortion and delay. I don't speak midi, so I confess that the dynamics settings in the synthesizer mean almost nothing to me.
Not to mention the need for effects a and b.
It seems like there are a lot of settings in there that might be useful. Maybe too many. Maybe some presets that could also be tweaked would help.


I know less than you. Bet on it. (Never had to plug anything into my trombone.) Someone just posted something about how he enhances his font work with the settings. From an example on his page it sounded as though it worked. I asked him what all that stuff meant -threshold, knee (!), etc - he said he didn't know. Trial and error. Well, I went into the synth and started fiddling and noticed some difference....little by little...some of it makes sense. Result: You still have a font, but you can liven it up.

His discussion:

you probably saw this:


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Thanks for your response. I've been through the manual. I intend to experiment, of course. I was just interested in a little information on what might happen as things are adjusted. Yes, the manual says that knobs adjust the reverb in various frequencies. Useful in what kinds of situations? Subjective, I know.

I use a combination of Symphonic Sounds and the default V3.2 fonts. The former gives me some solo sounds (like horn) that the default does not have.

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