Some issues in Spanish translation

• Jul 4, 2019 - 19:54

I was trying to make revisions to Spanish strings and I have some doubts. First, there are several strings of this kind: Reset 'Thick barline thickness' value, where the quoted sub-string is a parameter. Translation into Spanish usually requires the addition of some prepositions and articles, for instance: Restablecer el valor del 'Grosor de la barra de compás gruesa'.
The question is if I should keep the word "valor" (which actually is "el valor del") or, which I prefer, drop it to make the string shorter. Keeping it stresses the fact that the quoted sub-string is a parameter that is assigned a value... which is obvious, especially for being between quotes.
If the answer is that I can drop it for the sake of brevity, I find that the following warning is issued by the Transifex interface:
"Falta la traducción del glosario por trimestre «value» en la traducción"
This phrase is compleely nonsensical, something like :
"the glossary translation by trimester "value" is missing in the translation"
(it is very difficult to translate back a mistaken translation like this)
Looking for the possible original in English for the word "trimestre", I find that one possible result is "term", which in some contexts may be a trimester, so I guess the original may have been
"the glossary translation for the term "value" is missing in the translation".
If my interpretation is correct, it seems that if a word happens to belong to the glossary Transifex considers that it should be translated using the glossary term. However, sometimes a specific word may be used with a different meaning from the one listed in the glossary. Or sometimes, such as in this case, it maay be a redundant word.


The sense of the glossary os is to make translations consistent, to help you making sure that e.g. the term 'value' is always translated the same way. Not doing this causes a warning, you can ignore it if it doesn't make any sense in the current string.
The part in single quotes should be identical as the same text alone, except for the trailing :
The string length for those "Reset '...' value" is pretty irrelevant, it is not seen in any UI, but spoken by a screen readers, for visually impaired users.

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