Exporting MIDI file to Logic Pro

• Jul 6, 2019 - 08:33

I regularly create a score in MuseScore and then take a MIDI version into Logic Pro for mixing and mastering. MuseScore exports pan and volume information that causes the faders to have a mind of their own and the settings have to be eliminated one by one for each instrument in Logic. Is there a way of preventing MuseScore from doing this?


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Thank you. I had tried this before and then just 'exported' without 'saving' first (because I didn't want to leave the MuseScore file in that state). One source of confusion, the pan dials are set to zero by default but to obtain zero in Logic the dial has to be panned way over to the left. Thanks again, JM.

In reply to by John Morton

I've found it takes as long to do all this in the mixer as it does in Logic. I can't find a way of selecting all tracks in the mixer (as you can in Logic) and adjusting all dials and faders together. Also, there's a useful tool in Logic whereby option-clicking (on a Mac) puts all controls in the default position (zero Db, for example). If this can't be done I'll re-post in the suggestions page, John Morton.

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