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• Jul 11, 2019 - 18:36

The attached file KBCM_05.png shows roughly the score I'm trying to reproduce; (the language is from SE Asia). Image KBCM_05_MS shows my effort so far. The problem is with verse 1 where Altos and Men enter at 2 bar intervals. The MS handbook explains that Enter (keypad) gives Line feed to the next line. As the example shows, the lower voices move by crochets against the semibreve. The line feed still relates the syllables for the second text line to Voice 1. Entering spaces with Ctrl+Space shifts the syllables around somewhat. Catch: then the crochets & chords are misaligned. They can be moved with the Inspector, of course. But keeping everything neatly in line escapes me.

Bearing in mind that the later file has slightly different text (a re-translation) can anyone suggest how to fix the alignment problem, please?

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You have 2 voices on a staff by both the definition of a singing voice and independent music lines on a staff (see for more info).

Each voice on the staff (second definition). You can assign lyrics to each of these voices. The problem is that there is no avoidance between the two lines of lyrics. All verse 1 lyrics are on line 1 and so forth. The key to do what you want is to put the lyrics in a verse that will put them where you need them.

I would actually split this into an open score (a staff for each singing voice) and put the proper lyrics where they belong so there is no confusion as to who sings what. The closed score in this case is far too confusing.

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I was acutely aware of everything you say in paras 1-2, particularly the clash between lyric lines in different voices in this closed score. Though I would like to use an open score I have to bear in mind that the score is going to a team in a Third world country for whom I have to assume that their knowledge of MS is limited.

One way of adopting your suggestion would be to have a three stave open score for the first system, and for following systems to hide the bottom stave, something I have already had to fudge on another score. So thanks for triggering the idea.

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I'm glad to help. I didn't know your competency level with MuseScore, and you response leads me to believe you could handle an alternative. In the places there are multiple voices on the staff, move the voice 1 lyrics above the staff. You can select a section of measures and right click a voice 1 lyric use select more to get the voice 1 lyrics in the selection and use the inspector to make the position above. This may actually be the best option in your case. This is not the most common way to place lyrics in a score, but I think users will mostly understand.

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Thanks; now I have two options. I have already had to do lyric switching from below to above with tenor / bass parts. I've used Personal Composer for over 25 years so had some idea of techniques. Nonetheless it's been a steep learning curve with MS since April.

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Welcome to MuseScore. I'm glad you are aware that there is a steep learning curve, even when you're experienced with other programs. They're all unique and have their own capabilities and methods to get to the same results. Many people seem to expect the program to somehow know what they want automatically. There are always people here willing to help if you run into more problems in the future. Some of the people here have written code, perhaps even the process you're asking about, Others just hang out and answer questions in between doing their own projects using MuseScore like me.

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