Asian notation capability?

• Jul 12, 2019 - 17:32

I know this is a huge stretch but adding a feature that would allow for traditional notation of East Asian instruments like the erhu, guzheng, gayageum, janggo, shamisen, or shakuhachi would be great, seeing as I like to use those instruments and I know that many players only read the traditional notation.

In addition, adding more east asian instruments to the basic soundfont, or adding a section specifically for east asian traditional ensembles (like sanjo formation, or any of the traditional chinese ensemble formations) into the new score selection would be amazing. If these options exist already I would love to know how to use them!


If you are talking about Jianpu, do a search of this site for that term and you'll see a number of projects going on where people have attempted to add this support directly but also have come up with some pretty clever workarounds using the program currently.

If you mean something else, can you provide more information?

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Jianpu is certainly part of it and I'm glad to hear there are options available for this style! I am also talking about other notations like jeongganbo or any of the Japanese instrumental notations, like for taiko drums, or shakuhachi (including the many ways of denoting phrasings like glisses or rasps).

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