Whole rests in 4/4

• Jul 14, 2019 - 17:23

Is there a way to have whole rests in 4/4 or common time automatically enter as full measure rests?
In the last few months I learned how to use a MIDI keyboard for note entry. I use the keys on the very bottom to control note length, ties, dots, rests, and my right hand to enter notes. It's very frustrating to have to move over to the computer and hit arrow keys every time I have a full bar rest, but just selecting a whole note and entering a rest gives a left justified whole rest which looks terrible in 4/4. Then I have to select each measure and Del - very inefficient. Could a tick box be considered for how to deal with whole rests in common time? Perhaps this feature is already there somewhere?


I don't know a way to enter the rest that way, but there is an easy way to convert empty measures to full measure rests after the fact all at once: Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+Shift+Delete (be sure not to forget the Shift or it deletes the measures!)

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The need to enter whole rests in 4/4 is real - multiple voices and all - and even if we automatically turned whole rests into full measure rests in 4.4, that doesn't help with other time signature. Better I think to just allow navigation commands to be assigned to MIDI keys, I think.

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