Voltas and DC al Fine in play-back

• Jul 16, 2019 - 14:46

Basically, are Voltas supposed to work within a piece having a "DC al Fine"?
It doesn't work with the attached.

What happens is that it plays back as far as bar12, then correctly plays bars 13-15 which is the first volta.
Having played that, it (correctly) misses bars 16-18 and starts playing at bar 19 and continues to the end, bar 50 where it has "DC al Fine". Now playback goes to the beginning and plays to bar 12 AND THEN plays the FIRST volta again (bars 13-15) when I expected playback to play the second volta (bars 16-18) and stop at bar 18 (Fine), but it doesn't.
Having played the first volta again it then plays from bar 19 to the end again and then stops.

Are Voltas not allowed within a repeat for DC al Dine. (Exactly the same if I use DS al Fine with the Segno at bar 1).

Using V2.3.2 Rev 4592407 on Win 7 Pro But it's exactly the same for V3.2.3.7635 Revd2d863f

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.


Voltas are not normally used in conjunction with D.C. and D.S. sections in music, but rather only with repeats. MuseScore does not allow for this unusual notation during playback. Voltas are alternate endings, not alternate measures to be played in the middle of a song, though MuseScore does play back the voltas as you describe if repeats are used.

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It's simple when you know how!
Thanks for your input (and Mike too)
I'm not an expert musician, just know enough to cause problems.

I'm transcribing some old MVP song books and there's so much in them that is non-standard notation. Many of the songs have written instructions about where to go next, and non of it seems to follow music rules so I'm trying to sort all that out and some of it (as you can see) is beyond my musical understanding and capability.
Thanks for all your help, not least in support this great software.

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I recognized your song as a hymn and realize that it is not uncommon to have an amateur edit and publish religious music. I believe I was soft in my criticism of the editor, which it what I wanted to do.

As you can see, there are people in the community willing to help you sort out how best to use standard notation if you would like to do that. If your goal is to make an overhead display for the congregation who are also looking at the book, it may be better to make the score look like it does in the book and live with it not playing properly.

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