A void between .com and .org

• Jul 18, 2019 - 12:57

This issue was reported to support@musescore 4 days ago and they sent me back to the handbook and .org forum (Support and bug reports).I finally fixed the problem myself, but it could have been solved in 4 minutes. What happens in "manage audio sources" is within the purview of .com, not the .org forum where they sent me. In 10 months here, this is the first time I could not get help.

The problem was a piece on my page with an audio source from youtube.

The sound is fine on youtube.

The sound did not play on my page. I entered it again and it played, but without the scroll, but THE DEFAULT remained " an error occurred". I did not know how to change it because the 3 dots to the right (in "manage audio sources) did not function. I added more audios, for a total of 5. This software is new to me and I finally figured out how to delete "default" on the bad audios.

The issue is this: why did they send me to the forum and/or handbook? This is a serious gap which can result in more discontentment. The answer was a simple one. The folks at the forum here do good work and should not be stuck with matters on the .com site.

One question remains for anyone who knows: Does the red delete box next to the blue save box in "Manage audio sources" delete the unwanted audio (as I assume)? or the score?


I can't tell you why support@musescore.com sends you to musescore.org's forums, if the issue clearly is with the musescore.com site, this seems clearly wrong, but might be due to them not having fully understood the issue.
That red delete box next to the blue save box in "Manage audio sources" is a musescore.com issue again, and can't get dealt with here.
maybe instead of ,or in addition to, emailing support@musescore.com post in https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com/

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