Trills needs to be fixed

• Jul 21, 2019 - 12:41

I am transcribing Tchaikovsky's first Piano Concerto, second movement. When I arrived at bar 49, there's a trill. Usually, the tempo of the piece isn't "disturbing" the trill. When I listened to the playback, the trill was played exactly the same as a set of demisemiquavers. Is there any way around this? Or should I just leave it be because nothing can be done?


Current workarounds: You can make a hidden voice or even hidden "backup staff" with the trill executed exactly as you want it. The disadvantage of the first way is that there's no really such a thing as a "hidden voice", and just hiding all the parts of the notes, heads, stems, and beams, still affects spacing (and all voices might already be occupied, but that is unlikely). The disadvantage of the second way is that you have to be sure to track all dynamics, mixer settings, etc., in the hidden staff (but it doesn't affect spacing).

I wish there were an "official" way to do something which combines the benefits of both of those and has neither disadvantage, but from what i know of the internal structure of MuseScore, I think it's prohibitively difficult.

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