Dealing with the “voice” tool

• Jul 21, 2019 - 15:40

Hi all,
On my Lenovo Win 10 tablet MuS shows few icons and I struggle when using the “voice” tool because (see attached p a3.jpg icture) of two issues: a3.jpg
1. first of all it appears at the extreme right hand side with only its left side visible and I don’t know how to move it and place at a different place on my visible window, second
2. when I click on it the number from 1 to 4 appear at the left hand side, but when I want to choice the voice number I have to drive the mouse all the way to the left within the two yellow lines, and if I overtake them, as easily it happens when one deal with limited real estate, then the numbers disappear and I have to restart the procedure.
Is there a way to find a more efficient solutions to those issues? Thanks,


I can think of three options to contend with this problem.

  1. Change the scale for the display in your windows settings. This may make it more difficult to find items to click.
  2. Create a custom workspace and customize the toolbar to eliminate items you don't need like 64th & 132nd notes, double sharps and double flats and the note durations longer than a whole note. These are possibilities of things you might want to eliminate from the toolbar. This will allow room for the voices on the toolbar.
  3. Use the shortcuts ctrl+alt+v where v is the voice number to do the same things as clicking a voice number.

These are not necessarily in the order I would prioritize them. I use 3, but I would suggest you see if #2 works for you and try to #1 if it doesn't. If #1 then is too problematic, get used to the shortcuts (#3).

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Glad to be of help. My suggestion was to keep your workflow going as you're used to it. Changing from a click to remembering a shortcut can be problematic for some people.

I rarely use the toolbars for anything except the occasional accidental I find missing when I go back to edit my work. Other than that the only items I add by clicking are from the palettes. I use shortcuts for all note entry.

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