remove deleted lyric space

• Aug 3, 2019 - 00:25

I selected and deleted the whole first lyric line.
and also the first half of the second lyric line.
The third lyric line remains.
How do I get rid of the space above it?


Change the lyric number of the lyric that is left. Select all of the affected measures, right click a lyric that needs fixed and choose select>all similar items in range selection. Finally in the inspector (F8) change the verse number to where you want those words shown.

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When you right click an item when you have a measure or more selected you get this menu

Select all similar.PNG

The inspector becomes visible when you press F8 and when you have lyrics selected there is a field called verse in the section call Lyrics (you may need to click the triangle next to the word lyrics to see everything). If you right clicked a lyric in verse 3, this value should be 3. You can change this to 1 and all of the selected lyrics will move to verse 1 and be displayed like they are in verse 1.

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