Soundfonts not working properly.

• Aug 3, 2019 - 04:36

So a friend of mine made me a soundfont for Mega Man X1 because the one I currently have is shit, today I went to test it and even though it runs totally fine in FL, it kinda just doesn't sound right. I'll include a zip of his soundfont, a audio test in FL, and an audio test in Musescore (latest). Is there any way to fix this? (If you use the soundfont please give credit to Delta Parallax) (oh and disregard instruments "Drums" and "Noise")

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My conclusion in the examples (for FL): As I understood: FL automatically adds attack and release time to the samples. And a little more tolerance to loops. And it likes excessive small samples.

The MS Fluid synthesizer is more disciplined. If you didn't specify an attack parameter, no attack there; If you didn't specify a release parameter, no release there; even a small deviation is heard in the loops, and excessively small samples can cause problems.

This sf file is used as a multiple sample container rather than a soundfont.

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