Loaded SF files have no samples attached

• Aug 7, 2019 - 04:56

Re-entering this field after a long absence.

I load a soundfont file into Polyphone and in the Samples area there are no....samples. If I save or export the file, it is unusable by any SF(x) player, because of the lack of samples.

IIRC sometimes the samples were stored in the same folder (or sub-folder) as the SF file itself, and I think that is the problem here.

My problem (well at least as regards this particular issue :( ) is that I am trying to modify Cakewalk SF(x) files, because the synths in CW do not allow me to do "stuff" that I may want to, or they are very cumbersome to set up each time. The file layouts do not seem to make it easy to associate the SF file with its samples...perhaps deliberately?

Is there a way to find out where the samples for a SF file are located, perhaps by investigation of the SF?

EDIT: I have actually found some samples by digging about in folders until I got lucky. But if there is a better way I would still like to hear.

Thanks for any help.



I don't know what you mean with the SF(x) file.
however, a SF2 file and a SFZ file are definitely different.

SF2 files contains samples in the same file.
SFZ files uses external folders.

You are probably talking about SFZ files:
The samples that these files point to are also nearby. for example: in a child or parent folder.
In the sfz file it says where to find the sample, you can check it with a text editor. for example: ".. \ samples \ abc.wav" or "/samples/abc.wav".

If you ask this question on the Cakewalk's or Polyphone's forum, maybe you can get a more clearer answer.

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