Weird font bug on Manjaro

• Aug 10, 2019 - 17:31

Hello, I am having a problem with the musescore version in the Manjaro repositories, all the fonts of the score are automatically changed to the default system font (the one used to write the window title and the names of the menus , in my case cantarell). It doesn't matter if I change the font from the inspector or by editing the text directly, the system font is always used, even if you select another one. The appimage does not have this bug. The spacing of the text also gets messed up because it seems the program tries to fit the font you selected but the font does not actually change.

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In order to understand and assist better, we would need you to attach the actual score, not just a picture of it. But as it is, my best guess is the text in question has custom formatting applied via the text toolbar at the bottom of the screen, so the general text style changes you make in the Inspector are being overridden. Hitting the "Remove Custom Formatting" button would solve that if so.

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I attach a sample score. I did a screen capture using musescore built in tool and things got weirder, musecore screen capture does actually print the score with the correct font (in this case the font it set to freeserif) BUT thats not the way the score is shown on the screen while working with it.
Remember this only happens with the installation from the manjaro repositories, in the appimage the text is both shown and printed correctly. This started when the repository was updated from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2.
This is musescore's screen capture tool output:
musescore's screen capture.png
This is how it is actually shown on the screen:
this is how the screen looks.png

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I have no familiarity with manjaro, but for the record, the score loads fine on Windows 10. I night guess manjaro itself contains an incompatible (corrupt?) version of FreeSerif that is being used in place of the version with MuseScore. That, of the repo for manjaro is simply missing this font - have you check that?. In other words, could be an issue with the repository.

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Thank you, Federico, for reaching out to the package maintainer. I'm curious to hear what they will say. I 'm usually on Arch Linux and I don't see this font issue there but yesterday, I did install Manjaro on an older Laptop and noticed this font issue. Just displaying the score is affected, as you said. If I print it, all looks good.

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Hi mss5, the package mantainter answered that he is the arch linux mantainer and that this bug only happens in manjaro so there is nothing he can do. He told me to write to the manjaro team but im am not sure who should i report this to, i am fairly new to linux, i used debian for about a year now and have spent only a month or so in manjaro. I was aware that manjaro uses the arch linux community repos but if they dont have a package mantainter of their own i dont know if how this could be fixed.

PD: i made a typo in an earlier comment, i meant to say this bug started with 3.2.3

I was experiencing this same bug on my laptop, but not on my desktop. After some investigation, I found that in ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore3.ini, my desktop had theme\fontFamily=Sans Serif, but my laptop had theme\fontFamily=Cantarell. After changing my laptop's init file to match my desktop, the issue disappeared.

This still feels like a bug to me (setting the default font incorrectly shouldn't break the entire program's font rendering), but as a workaround try:
1. Open ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore3.ini
2. Change theme\fontFamily=Cantarell to theme\fontFamily=Sans Serif

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Hi, thanks for your answer, i just tried this and it works, now musescore renders the fonts correctly, the only issue is that now the UI in musescore has a different font from the rest of my OS but i guess its ok.
I posted the issue in the manjaro gitlab page and it didnt have a single response in like a month so i dont think its very likely we will get an "official" fix.

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I have (momentarily, for test purposes) installed Musescore on 4 computers, 2 with Arch Linux and 2 with Manjaro, all 4 with KDE. The funny thing is - of each flavour, one does have the font problem and one does not... Each of them are updated regularly, so they are supposed to be on the same versions (exception: one of the problem boxes has a kernel version 5.3, the other 3 have lts kernels 4.19).
I have tried fiddling with the configuration file, removing it at all, taking the file from a box without problems and copying to a problem box. Nothing helped :-(

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