Time Signatures

• Aug 14, 2019 - 02:52

So whenever i am going through editing part there are multiple sections where the time signatures and key signatures will appear twice right next to eachother and i cant make it one bc the extra time signature wont disappear, how do we fix this.

measure 102 and 107 are an example of this

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Assuming this score was begun in an earlier version (pre-3.1), then this is a known bug already fixed, although you'll need to fix your score since it is already damaged.

If the score was begun in 3.1 or later and never edited in an older version, then we'd want to know more about how to reproduce the problem - what might have led to it.

To clean up your score, go to Format / Style / Page, turn off courtesy clef/key/time signatures, hit Apply to all Parts, save, reload, then you can re-enable the courtesies.

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