Soundfont for Specific Instruments

• Aug 14, 2019 - 23:53

Is there any way to apply a soundfont to just a single instrument or set of instruments? For instance (This is what I am trying to do), apply HQ Orchestral Soundfont to the brass section of a score, but keep the rest at MuseScore General?


The way to do this is planning. Arrange the soundfonts in the synthesizer so MuseScore General is listed first and HQ Orchestral Soundfont is listed second. Next click, set as default in the synthesizer (or at least save to score).

The sounds will now by default be assigned to the MuseScore General soundfont (because it is listed first).

Open the mixer, select the instrument you want to change the sound for and click the sound patch. You will notice that there are no numbers to the right of the sounds. If you scroll down, when you get to the Grand piano, you will see a (1) next to the sound. This is where the HQ Orchestral soundfont starts. Find the sound below that you want to use. You will now have the soundfont you want.

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