Grace note issues

• Aug 18, 2019 - 22:43

First issue is lack of collision avoidance, see attached screenshot.
If someone has a tip to at least fix it manually, I'd be glad because nothing I tried worked.

Second issue is that I'd like to be able to create a slur from the grace note to a target note in a chord.
Currently you can only slur to the top or bottom of the chord, which looks awkward in this situation.
See 2nd screenshot.

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  1. select the grace note and move it using the offsets in the chord section. A negative x value will move it to the left. If this is not acceptable (due to collisions on the left side) you may also need to select the main note and increase the leading space value. This will actually put space before the note.

  2. You will need to zoom in close to see it. Double click the slur so the edit boxes show up. Grab the one on the right and drag it to the location you want it to be on. It is possible you will need to disable auto placement for the slur to make this work depending on other items.

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Thanks, both work!

  1. I tried note offsets, which failed, but chord does the trick perfectly!

  2. This works... I really wish you could just Ctrl-Click two notes, hit S, and get the perfect slur.
    Adjusting them manually is tedious and it's very hard to get a pleasing and consistent layout.

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Unfortunately slurs go from chord to chord (by MuseScore's definition of a chord) and you must manually adjust them if you want them pointed at notes.

Another workaround is to put the notes you want slurred in the same voice and the other notes in another voice then use x to flip stems as necessary. This isn't bad if you have notes without beams, but it gets just as tedious (making beams/flags invisible) and ugly if they have beams.

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