Move notes from Treble Clef to Bass Clef without having to cut/paste each individual note

• Aug 20, 2019 - 06:07

I have MusicXML files I am obtaining and I need to move notes from the Treble Clef to the Bass Clef so the reader understands how the left hand accommodates the right's chords, however the only way I'm seeing this is achievable would be ctrl+x - cutting each note from the Treble's staff then pasting that note over a rest in the Bass' staff. I've searched online but all I'm getting is to use separate voices for this, and all that does is changes the stem of the note but keeps its position. I want the entire note to move to being displayed on the Bass clef. Is there any way to like ctr+select a bunch of notes, click a button and they all appear on the opposite clef?

I understand that I do have the option of Ctrl+Shift+Down, as well as converting to a second voice to rip notes off of chords if need be. However this also creates a bunch of extra rests that I then have to manually remove or hide from both staves. Is there any way to select a bunch of notes and press a button to throw them all in the other Clef without creating hundreds of incoherent rests, or set some sort of range like "if the Treble Clef has two notes that are more than 8 notes apart, put the bottom note in the Bass Clef" somewhere?


It's hard to say what the best option would be for your particular case without seeing your score (the actual MSCZ file), but sure, you can copy & paste entire ranges of notes easily. Not with Ctrl+select, but click / Shift+click to select the range. Lots of other ways of selecting ranges as well, see the Handbook under Selection.

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As there is only one voice in each stave, you can try the following:

  1. Select the whole score.
  2. Use [Tools] [Implode]. After doing this you will have copied everything in the lower stave to the upper stave. What was in the original first stave is in voice 1 (stems up) and what you have just copied from the lower stave is in voice 2 (stems down).
  3. Select the whole of stave 2 and delete everything (don't worry, you will move everything you need in stave 2 back later!)
  4. Select the first note in voice 1 (the original stave 1) that you want to move to stave 2 and move it to voice 2, by clicking the voice selection button in the tool bar. You can see that it has moved as its stem direction will have changed, and it will have changed colour.
  5. Continue, moving all the notes in voice 1 that you want to end up in the lower stave to voice 2 in the same way.
  6. When you have moved to voice 2 all the notes you want to end up in the lower stave use [Tools] [Explode] to move voice 2 back to the lower stave.

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