First page blank when adding more than 4 parts with staff and tablature.

• Aug 21, 2019 - 01:21

When I add more than 4 parts with staff and tablature or 8 individual parts, the first page is blank except for the title in the box. It also doesn't paginate and stacks parts on top of each other.
I've added a blank orchestral score. In Page view it stacks, in continuous view it's ok, except I loose the title, in single page it's ok. When I first load a Symphony Score, it's all there, but first page is blank like I mentioned, when I zoom to make it readable, it stacks.

Al Parsons

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test of parts.mscz 5.59 KB


If your system is too big to fit on the first page along with the title, there isn't anything MuseScore can do about that. If you want the title to fit also, something has to go - bigger page, smaller staff, smaller title, whatever. In the score you attached, that's just too many staves to of the size you have selected on a page of that size. Again, bigger page or smaller staves. Both settings are in Format / Page Settings.

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